Stewart Copeland


Please ensure that you have checked all the fields for the correct information. It is important that any disabilities, additional needs and/or medication for conditions etc are listed with full details for administration.

To comply with the data protection act 1998, permission must be granted by the parent/guardian before any images of the named participant are taken and used. Please tick the box below to comply.


I agree for photographs and videos of my child to be used in promotional material published by Erskine Music & Media Studio.


EMMS will not include details of full names (which means first and surname) of any person in an image on our website, or in printed publications, without good reason and only with your expressed consent.


EMMS will not include personal email or postal addresses, or telephone numbers on our website or in printed publications. Contact details will be used only for the purpose of informing and communicating with the addressee.


I hereby authorise the participant referred to on this application to attend and participate in the named activities. I agree for the named participant receiving emergency medical treatment as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.